If you're an entrepreneur with a business in UK that's growing, and looking to accelerate it, maybe EO is for you


Do you wish you were part of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs that understand you and the struggles and pains of growing your business from $250 000 to over $1m in revenue?

What about having access to successful entrepreneurs that have "been there, done that" that you can share your journey with, pick their brains, learn from and socialise with?

And if you were given the roadmap to grow your business to $1m and trained on how to execute on that roadmap by international trainers who have successfully followed that roadmap to building a $1m+ business themselves?

And what about if this group of like-minded entrepreneurs formed part of a global organisation that is in 58 countries, with 188 chapters and has 13 000 + members globally where the businesses are doing a median of $5 million in annual revenue?

Welcome to the Entrepreneurs' Organisation

At EO, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the tools, accountability, and community to aggressively grow and master their business.

As an entrepreneur ready to scale your business, you face new challenges every day. Whether it’s determining how you’re going to fulfil the rush of new orders, deciding how you’re going to penetrate new markets or figuring out how you’re going to make payroll, it seems at times you find yourself wishing you had an instruction manual for your business.

It’s okay. We understand.

And we’re here to help.

Accelerator, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization program, is the catalyst that enables growth-stage entrepreneurs to catapult your business to the next level.

Our mission is to empower you with the tools you need to grow your business to more than US$1 million in annual sales and to provide you with the skills to make yourself a better entrepreneur and leader.

Do I qualify?

  • Are you the owner of the business? (Founder or operational majority shareholder)

  • Does your business have an annual turnover between $250k and $1m ?

  • Do you want to scale & grow your business to over $1m a year?

If you answered yes to these 3 questions and you’re interested in finding out more about the EO Accelerator UK programme and what it can do for your business, the time commitment, mechanics of how it works, and the membership cost please come and join us at the open day on the 5th of June 2019.

EO Accelerator London is recruiting now!

EO Accelerator open day.jpg
  • Date: 5th of June

  • Time: 6-8.30 p.m.

    Location: Battersea Power Station Development Company, Scott House, 23 Circus Rd West Battersea, SW11 8EH

  • To RSVP please email