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The Freak Factor with David Rendall

  • Rise London 41 Luke Street, London EC2A 4DP (map)

The Freak Factor: Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness

Do you want more happiness, fulfillment and energy?

Do you want to dramatically improve your own productivity and increase employee performance?

Do you want better relationships with your loved ones?

Our parents, teachers and managers have told us that, if we want to succeed, we should find and fix our weaknesses. However, most of us never make much progress trying to eliminate our worst traits. In fact, our weaknesses are actually the best clue to our strengths. In this funny and counter-intuitive talk, David shows how to find happiness, personal fulfillment and business success by starting with weaknesses — and embracing them rather than trying to deny them.

Are you frustrated by disengaged and unproductive employees? Are you looking for better strategies for improving employee performance?

Research shows that most people are not committed to their jobs and the way we currently manage employees does, even more, to harm, instead of help, their performance. We think our employees are broken, treat them like they are broken, and then wonder why they don't work.

Instead of attacking people's weaknesses, we need to find the strength, that is hidden inside their apparently negative characteristics. It is time to stop trying to create well-rounded and balanced employees. We need people that are unbalanced. We need freaks.