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Cost is £1,250.00/year + VAT  for the first year (same fiscal year cycle as membership dues)


One year minimum commitment

Key Leader Forum

EO London is launching a forum for Key Executives from EO member businesses.

This is the ideal way to empower and improve a future leader of the business whilst boosting engagement and hopefully the bottom line.

Key Leader Forum is an opportunity for your senior executive (s), to experience, share and learn amongst peers, in the same format as EO member forums.


This is an amazing professional development opportunity to leverage and build our leadership teams in the structured and safe gestalt environment. The program goal is to create accelerated professional development gains that will transfer immediately back to our EO companies.The benefits include”

  • Enabling the faster and more effective adoption of ideas, initiatives and key learnings that have been inspired or learnt at EO.

  • Developing key people in our organisations, as a means of driving overall growth in our businesses

  • Succession planning and development, as we move key talent and rising stars into leadership positions within our businesses.

  • EO KLF members will be able to help build and that is strong enough to grow and will be able to support their BHAG’s by learning as Key Executives from each other’s experiences.

Learning opportunities & personal growth

  • Learn from peers in a structured and safe way.

  • Speaking the same language as their founders/CEO’s/Shareholders.

  • Forum will have access to hire forum trainers and other EO related trainers for retreats, boosts, or other purposes. This forum will not have access to special discounts offered by Global on forum programs.

  • Key Execs may also support EO board members in helping to run the chapter.


Same criteria for placement (no business relations/personal relations) as for EO UK members

  • Meets the core values of EO (Boldly go, thirst for learning, make a mark…)

  • Key Executive Forum is meant for Key roles like CEO/COO/CFO/2nd in Command  in EO member companies.

  • The Key Executive should have decision power when founder/major shareholder is not available.

The structure of the Executive Forum:

  • Monthly three to four hour forum meetings using the standard EO Forum format.

  • Meeting time and date selected by forum members

  • Meeting location selected by forum members

  • Discussion of business, personal and family life

Please fill in the below form in order to express your wish to be a part of KLF forum and send over your signed terms along with the payment to

We will review the group to ensure that there are no members from competitive companies (similar criteria used to assign forums in a regular chapter).

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