Build a Peak Performance Team by Transforming Your Leadership Skills

4th of May London

EO London is offering a unique, hands-on training day that will transform your leadership style for peak-performance. In order to learn how to do this, we have searched for two outstanding leaders, who have worked with high-achievers:

  • The man who trained the top fighter plane squadron for the most challenging plane, the Eurofighter, Dr. Lutz Graumann.
  • Mark Gallagher, the Formula One manager who worked for 25 years with one of the greatest Formula One drivers ever, Michael Schumacher.

In addition to these insights from the world of sports we have won over three EO members, who will share their experiences from the world of business, having built and led high-performance teams: 

  • James Rix, 
  • Elliot Jacobs, 
  • Daniel Priestley

The event will be hosted by coaching specialist Ben Thomas from Coachmatch.

I watched his talk with awe and kept telling myself, I hope he comes to London, I want my team to see this! I am so glad my wish came true!
— Keren Lerner - EO London
“‘Honestly I’d never heard of Mark Gallagher before, but now will never forget his talk. I try to live by his leassons on team health and it has brought extra ordinary results! Louise Verschuren - EO Holland
— Louise Verschuren - EO Holland

Key Speaker - Mark Gallagher

One of the most inspiring speakers of our time!

Did you know that Michael Schumacher picked the worst performing Formula One team ever (Ferrari) and transformed it into the best performing team through his team oriented leadership style? Learn from Mark Gallagher what Michael Schumacher did on a daily basis to get rid of

  • non-performing team members, 
  • how to align committed team members, 
  • and how nurture the hidden talent of even the supposedly least important members: the rain scout.

Mark Gallagher worked in senior management roles within Formula One auto racing over 30 years and he is coming to London to speak at our EO Lighthouse event. He's a popular and talented speaker and has 15 years of public speaking experience - at conferences, events and private functions.

A bit more about Mark:

Today, Mark is co-commentator and Formula One analyst for the BBC in the UK as well as founder and CEO of Performance Insights.

During his career, he has worked with many of the sport's leading drivers, including former World Champions Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button. He still works closely with several of the sport's major stars including David Coulthard, Mika Hakkinen, and Jacques Villeneuve.

Mark's management career in Formula One included more than a decade on the management board of the highly successful Jordan Grand Prix team, running the world famous Cosworth engine business and establishing the commercial arm of Red Bull Racing which went on to become 4-times World Champions.

Mark's career in Formula One started in 1983, spending seven years working in the media and as a consultant to Philip Morris International before joining Eddie Jordan's fledgling Grand Prix team in 1990. He was a member of the team's management board, having full responsibility for the team's day-to-day marketing and commercial activities.

He also became part of the newly created Red Bull Racing management team in 2004, and was invited to lead Cosworth's return to Formula One as an engine and technology supplier in 2010, overseeing its supply of one-third of the teams on the starting grid. Along the way, he founded Status Grand Prix, which won the 2009 Motorsport World Cup of Motorsport and became a race-winning team in junior formulae as well as competing in the Le Mans 24 Hours sport car race.

Graumann portrait (1).jpg

Guest Speaker - Lutz Grauman

Are you aware that the most limiting factor in today’s fighter planes are not the planes but the humans flying them?

MD, Ph.D. and Specialist in Sports Medicine, Nutrition and Chirotherapy

Lt. Col. (retired) and former Head of Sports Medicine at German Armed Forces

 Team Physician and Consultant @ German Ice Hockey Federation

Since 1995 Lutz has been working with Armed Forces and Pro Athletes. Extreme climate, physical and mental conditions are some of the challenges he had to deal with on a day to day bases. One of his career highlights was the implementation of the human performance enhancement program for the fighter pilots of the new Eurofighter Typhoon.
Fighter Pilots were always a very special breed. And the new weapon system Eurofighter created a new challenge. For the first time in the history of the military the human was the weak link in a system worth more than 120 Mio USD, and the solution for this problem was adapted from pro sports.
Atheltic trainers, Physios and Doctors were embedded in the squadron to create a perfect infrastructure for peak human performance. New lines of communication and a new team culture had to be created.


James Rix -  CEO and founder of Street PR UK LTD

James is a young and successful entrepreneur who began his career in the events industry at the age of 16; he has been building and scaling businesses ever since. James, now 35, has founded two companies, invested in and partially exited another two companies on MBOs, and set up a holding company, Harrix Group, for his business interests. James believes in backing individuals and harnessing the power of technology. Audiences can benefit from James’ valuable insight and practical advice on motivating staff, growing businesses and surviving the tough economic climate. Most importantly, he is able to draw on his own life experiences to leave audiences energised and motivated. 

James is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation UK, the biggest organisation for entrepreneurs in the world. James mentors individuals, particularly students and young people, via the Entrepreneurs Organisation and The Prince’s Trust, where he also regularly speaks at events across UK and Europe. He is also a Barclaycard Business Ambassador.


Elliott Jacobs - UOE (UK) Ltd

Elliott began his entrepreneurial career selling computer discs in the playground aged 14. That same year he also began his first Saturday job working at UOE, a stationery shop in East Finchley, North London. On leaving school in 1993 he joined one of the first internet database technology firms in the UK before leaving in 1995 to become European Retail Marketing Manager for Maxis (now Electronic Arts) working on the ‘Sims’ and ‘Simcity’ brands. He moved to Intuit as UK Sales Manager for Quicken & Quickbooks following Electronic Arts acquisition of Maxis in 1997.

In May 1998, he left Intuit following the acquisition of UOE (including the shop he originally worked in as a Saturday boy) from the previous owners. 

Over the past three years Elliott has grown his business from 9 staff to over 50 with plans to grow to over 100 in the next 24 months. Key to this success has been the senior management team and culture created around his core values. Elliott also created a development program for employees and reward effort and knowledge.


Daniel Priestley - Dent

Daniel Priestley is a successful entrepreneur who's built and sold businesses in Australia, Singapore, and the UK. He's the co-founder of Dent Global, one of the world's top business accelerators for entrepreneurs and leaders to stand out and scale up. 

With offices in London, Sydney, Singapore and Tampa, the program is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management. Over 500 entrepreneurs and leaders, each year participate globally in developing their businesses with the support of high net worth mentors. 

Daniel is the author of the best-selling books Key Person of Influence, Entrepreneur Revolution, Oversubscribed and 24 Assets. He's named as one of the top 25 entrepreneurs in London influencing the business scene (Smith & Williamson Power 100) and a Top 10 Business Advisor in the UK (Enterprise Nation).

Ben Thomas - Coachmatch

After nearly being an actor, Ben started his entrepreneurial journey building an IT consulting business in the mid 90’s, building websites and software for clients in the film industry.  He ended up joining his biggest client, one of the UK’s leading film extra casting agents, and became their general manager for 7 years, leading a team casting 20,000 days per year, including all the zombies in Shaun of the Dead and all the Centurions in Gladiator.   

With a growing interest in what made great leadership and organisations, in 2005 Ben joined a small consultancy specialising in executive and team development and coaching, and in 2007 founded his current business, Coachmatch, alongside the senior partners.  Coachmatch today serves many of the world’s largest organisations, supporting them to transform culture, performance and results through accessing a world-class global network of 300 consultants, executive coaches and team facilitators


Full day agenda

iloveyouso (1).jpg

Venue Address: 

6 Waterloo Pl, St. James's, London SW1Y 4AN

2:30 - Ben Thomas opening the event 

3 :00  - Guest speaker Lutz Graumann

3:30 - 3:50 - EO London member Elliott Jacobs

10 min break

4:00 - 4:20 - EO London Member James Rix

4:20 - 4:40 - EO London Member Daniel Priestley

20 min break

5:00 - 6:30 Mark Gallagher

6:00 - 6:30 Mark and Lutz (Q&A )

          6:30 - Our very own Routemaster will pick us up and head over to Aldgate East                  with drinks and music on board, where we stop at the local pub in East End to                    meet our evening tour guides

          7:45  - We will travel back in time into the murderous streets of London's Victorian             past to learn about  London's dark history on an infamous Jack the Ripper walking               tour.

         8:30  - Arrive at the venue for buffet dinner and drinks

         Venue address:

         503 hackney Road, E29ED

         Our dinner venue offers a variety of cocktails and is the only venue in London                     offering over 1000 different varieties of Espresso Martini

         11:00  - The night is young, so party continues to Shoreditch High street

For guests  wishing to stay at SOFITEL, the hotel is offering 10% off  the room rates for those coming to the event, quote EO event