05/02/18 "Love, Relationship & Tantric Meditation " Guest ticket

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5th of February, Love, R and S.jpg

05/02/18 "Love, Relationship & Tantric Meditation " Guest ticket

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Event Description:

Are your relationships energizing and expansive? Do you feel whole, satisfied and loved? Do you want your relationships to be easier, more playful and fun? Known as the “Love Goddess” in South-east Asia, Siobhan Coulter shares how to center your life through Infinite Love, openhearted communication, and tantric connections. Using practical exercises and new-thought models, Siobhan helps you upgrade your perspectives on relationships and love and shares how to create deeper, stronger and more playful connections with others.

Siobhan Coulter dreams of a better world, where relationships are founded on respect, love, and kindness. Where interactions are joyous, respectful and honoring. Where relationships bring joy, positivity, and expansion. A dream where the world is fuelled by equality, positivity, and love.

Siobhan believes that most people want this too; especially relationships founded and lived in love. She is committed to making her dream a reality and shares her beliefs and wisdom through workshops, meditations and talks in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and now London. Siobhan’s workshops and meditations teach participants how to live a love-focused life using practical exercises and love-focused strategies and models. Participants are empowered by their own learning’s and experiences, to start living every day with more love for themselves, others and the world. Participants learn to connect to infinite love and how to share it through open-hearted communication, authentic commitments, and deeper connections. Life becomes so much easier and joyous when you master Infinite Love.

Siobhan is a Director and Practitioner at The Golden Space, Singapore. She has been aligned, certified and approved to conduct meditations and life transformational workshops by her attendance of the international, certified, life-transformational Awaken-the Divine You Program (completed to Egypt) and Instructors Certification Course Level One and Two, conducted by international, metaphysical, spiritual Master Umesh H. Nandwani of the Golden Space Centres. Siobhan loves to combine positive psychology research with energetic awareness to help create a better, more loving world.

Venue: Good Vibes Studio,14-16 Betterton Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9BU

Arrival time: 2 PM to 5 PM

Event will involve meditation, so please wear something comfy and stretchy


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